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Cruel government employees use wireless technologies to torture harmless private citizens, then criticize the condition of their home

One of the most horrific human rights abuses in india at present is how cruel bribe taking government employees are using wireless technologies and radiation weapons to torture harmless private citizens in their home or elsewhere, damaging the cells in their body, causing great pain.
The radiation torture greatly reduces the productivity, short term memory of the harmless citizen who is attacked, leading to more mistakes.
Then showing the dishonesty of the cruel government employees they then mock the citizen who they have attacked for not keeping their home in proper condition, when they have intentionally caused injuries to the private citizen after getting huge bribes from the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees who are doing everything to destroy the health of the domain investor
The domain investor documents most of the radiation torture incidents, and the blog shows how mercilessly she is being tortured without a legally valid reason, causing great pain, memory loss.

Podolsk Master offers convenient and reliable washing machine repair services

Almost every home in Podolsk has a washing machine for quickly and conveniently washing clothes so that family members have more time for housekeeping and home maintenance. Usually after a few years, due to wear and tear, the washing machine may not function properly, so it is advisable to hire a reliable service provider for repairs.

Podolsk Master, a home appliance repair business offers expert repair of washing machines in Podolsk, Russia for all major washing machine brands like

Customers who wish to get their washing machine repaired can contact the business on all days of the week. Since original high quality spare parts are used for repair, a warranty of upto 12 months is offered on the repair work.More information available at

Renovation work is often not completed on time

After being used for some years,most homes look shabby and require renovation
Doing renovation work is tedious becaue the family has to arrange for alternative accomodation.
Unless there is someone supervising the renovation, often the renovation work is not completed on time.
This is very inconvenient for the family, since their plans get changed.
In some cases, the family may be living elsewhere and have planned their visit according to what the contractor promised.
In other cases, the family may be living in a hotel and will have to pay more if the renovation work is not completed according to the original schedule

Money spent on home renovation wasted if property is redeveloped

In many metro cities, buildings which are more than 50 years old are being redeveloped.
The process of redevelopment is time consuming, it will often take several months or years.
There is no certainty regarding when the builder will complete the construction
Since many people are looking at the condition of the house, some people spend a lot of money on home renovation
Some families spend more than Rs 15 lakh on home renovation.
These families are upset when redevelopment is announced, since they will have to vacate the house.

Taking advantage of the financial fraud in the indian internet sector, greedy gujju raw employee amita patel with posh house, fakes domain ownership

Government agencies in india are openly involved in massive online, financial fraud, falsely claiming that their lazy greedy employees like Greedy gujju stock trader raw employee domain fraudster amita patel who do not spend any money on domains are domain investors to give them great powers, monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor.
For example, Greedy gujju stock trader raw employee domain fraudster amita patel who is getting a monthly government salary for faking domain ownership including this one, is extremely wealthy having net worth of Rs 100 crores or more with details of her various properties, offices in thane and navi mumbai available online.
Though she got her lucrative raw job faking domain ownership in 2013, after allegedly promising to purchase domains, and with the help of her fraud boyfriend puneet j. who falsely claimed to own the domains of his female btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay who he hated, the ruthless greedy shameless gujju stock trader raw employee domain fraudster amita patel has refused to purchase even one domain or pay expenses, though she is getting a monthly government salary for more than 10 years, indicating widespread fraud in the internet sector.

The greedy gujju cheater amita patel has plenty of money for maintenance of her posh house, offices , yet refuses to purchase domains, including this one, though she is getting a monthly government salary for faking domain ownership at the expense of a single woman engineer

The Importance of Entertainment Agency

Entertainment Agency (contractors and party organizers) want to do cool events and make money from it, because that’s their job. DJs want to play, show their craft, earn money and be famous. And in addition to promoting parties and entertainment in a way that infects people and that they have unforgettable moments.

In addition, the agency aims and manages to map behaviors, trends and unite new activation ideas so that the public lives, celebrates and shares the moment, thus creating experiences with a high power of engagement through events.

They also promote real transformations, be they social, behavioral or economic.

It works to create strong emotional connections between brands and the communities that engage in entertainment journeys.

Other objectives are to generate feelings of being alive, moving and enchanting in the public, creating experiences that remain in their memory, a unique delivery aimed at connecting brands, people and entertainment!

The expertise in own projects and also in the most varied formats of experiences, is active in the realization of each event transforming its purpose into a great moment!

You can also promote through an agency:

• Planning

• Creation

• On & Offline Media

• Fund-raising

• Enabling partnerships

• Events

• Guerrilla marketing

• Graphic production

• Special projects

• Promotion

• Merchandising

• Innovation marketing and much more.

Every form of fun and content consumption is important, since the promotion of brands and also the dissemination and creation of entertainment caters to all audiences, whether they want to progress in their careers or those who want to enjoy an event in an organized way. and safe.

Streaming is a form of global entertainment consumption that has become even more relevant. Of course, this is also part of entertainment and agency.

So the target audience is both for people from organizations or companies that want to promote their business, as well as for artists looking for more space and also visibility and added to all this, everyone promotes themselves with the qualities of an entertainment agency, in the end the public that wants the moment of enjoyment and leisure will be enjoying a brand or its talent.

I Really Like the New Neighbors

In the past I always had the neighbors that I hated, the ones that were always fighting or were having parties in the middle of a work night. I once lived next to these guys who would work until 11 or 12 every night and then party until the break of day unless the police came to break it up. These two girls do make some noise, but so far I have got along great with them. The first day I met them one of them was sunbathing totally nude on the balcony, an escort service near Salt Lake City pays them do pretty much what they have done for me because they were bored and buzzed from drinking. They told me that just because they worked for an escort service it did not mean that you could pay for whatever you wanted, they work bachelor parties and that sort of thing mostly. Apparently they work at some club when they feel like it, but they get their names on the sign out front.

Neither one of them can cook to save their lives, which is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I used to work at a really expensive Italian restaurant and I can cook very well, not quite well enough to be called a chef perhaps. At any rate I made the two of them a terrific meal, if I say so myself and ever since then they have appointed me to be their private chef. I asked them what the job paid and they told me I could quit if I was not entertained. It is better for me if one of them is working, because that way I try to get them to drink a little more than they should. My batting average is rather low, but I am happy with it any way.

Larger and cheaper packs of drain cleaner required

Though it is being advertised as a product for blocked drains, Dklog can also be used for dissolving human poop
Senior citizens are often pooping on the toilet floor, and some people cannot clean the poop since it causes nausea. The plumber has fixed the drain cover, it cannot be lifted to get rid of the poop.
So they are looking for a suitable solvent
after trying different brands of toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, vinegar, baking soda for dissolving or breaking up the poop, Dklog from pidilite industries was used
One pack of dklog with 40 grams powder is costing Rs 25
4 packs of dklog could not dissolve the poop quickly in one case
Only small packs of dklog are available, they should supply larger packs of dklog at a cheaper rate or package it better for safer handling.

I Started Working in Sales on a Whim and It Was a Great Choice

I wish that it didn’t take me so long to figure out what I would do for a long-term career, but the positive side is that I enjoy what I do now. After reading a news article, I signed up for sales training on a whim after being frustrated with my past jobs. I now excel at working in sales. I’m glad that I chose to try it out because my life was going nowhere before I made the leap.

Due to the fact that my grandparents raised me, and they both had trouble working during their senior years, I chose to not go to college, and instead, jump right into the workplace. I very much wanted to give back to them by helping to keep a roof over their heads. Without any skills, I landed jobs that didn’t pay a lot and were stressful. I was hired for a local company doing deliveries, which meant long days unloading and loading heavy shipments under extremely tight deadlines. I also worked at 2 different roofing jobs, which consisted of slaving away each day on top of homes in very hot temperatures. There were other jobs that drained me mentally and physically over the years, too.

Over time, my grandparents both needed to stop working for good due to health issues. I knew I needed to bring in more money to help them and to keep myself afloat, too. For years, I put off figuring out what would bring more money in because I just didn’t have the time to think about it very much. One day, I was reading a newspaper article about how sales positions are always in demand and that you can make very good money. That’s how I ended up signing up for classes. I loved the courses and learned a lot.

After damage to gate, domain investor forced to paint it herself to prevent futher damage

Indicating terrible business conditions in some areas of panaji, some citizens like the domain investor cannot get anyone to do their home repairs at a reasonable rate. The local politicians or security agency employees are harassing any person who is doing the work and extorting a huge amount of money, which the repair person will demand from the domain investor.
This extortion racket has continued for the last ten years, and with no repairs, the house is falling apart.
Additionally the fraud husband pran of Panaji sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh is spraying water on the gate of the domain investor, making it rust and disintegrate at the hinges.

Since the domain investor cannot afford any more damage to the gate, she is now painting the gate and other metal parts of the house herself to reduce the damage caused by rusting, naina’s pet crows when it is not raining heavily