Month: January 2024

Cruel government employees use wireless technologies to torture harmless private citizens, then criticize the condition of their home

One of the most horrific human rights abuses in india at present is how cruel bribe taking government employees are using wireless technologies and radiation weapons to torture harmless private citizens in their home or elsewhere, damaging the cells in their body, causing great pain.
The radiation torture greatly reduces the productivity, short term memory of the harmless citizen who is attacked, leading to more mistakes.
Then showing the dishonesty of the cruel government employees they then mock the citizen who they have attacked for not keeping their home in proper condition, when they have intentionally caused injuries to the private citizen after getting huge bribes from the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees who are doing everything to destroy the health of the domain investor
The domain investor documents most of the radiation torture incidents, and the blog shows how mercilessly she is being tortured without a legally valid reason, causing great pain, memory loss.