I Am Working and Going to School Around the Clock

I am working and go to school around the clock right now. Of course up until a few weeks ago I was working at a pizza place that is a block or so from the campus and not far from the run down house I am sharing with three other guys. At any rate I made the acquaintance of this guy who manages a limo company for his uncle and I was telling him how I really wanted to make better money, but I did not see how I could do it. At the moment I am not really taking a heavy class load, at least not in terms of the difficulty involved at least. So when he offered me a night job I thought about it for a bit and then I decided that I could take it until the next semester started. The job is really easy and it is a forty hour a week job, with much of the hours in the weekend.

Of course they rent out limos and they need to have them ready to be rented. On the week days that is going to be simple, they take the cars out at night and bring them back pretty late usually. On a Saturday you have to have that same car turned around really quick. People go out on Friday night and party, then on Saturdays people get married around lunch time. So you have to figure out how to get it cleaned up quickly. The way is obvious, you have a guy there to start working as soon as it gets back. I usually have a time to do my homework when I get there, then I start to clean out the cars. That is not a trivial thing, the car needs to look perfectly clean.