High rates for one time cleaning of homes

Often people do not stay at a house for a long time, they will visit the house once in a month or a few months . In this case, most of the house will be covered with dust and cleaning the house will be time consuming. However getting help for cleaning the house can be difficult and expensive.

Most of the contract workers will only come for the entire day or half a day at the minimum. If the maidservant working in the neighbours house will be asked to help, the rate they may quote could be extremely high. For example in January 2016, a maidservant in Mumbai was quoting a rate of Rs 300 per hour, and she said that there are other maidservants who are charging Rs 500 per hour

Allegedly due to bribes of google and tata, well educated domain investors, Paypal account holders who make a few tens of thousands of rupees in a month are labelled a security threat for more than 5 years without any proof at all,to block payment, torture the domain investors causing great pain, while uneducated maidservants are free to make any amount of money in cash – black money.

When will indian intelligence and security agencies be honest and stop wasting indian tax payer money to persecute, torture, cheat and exploit harmless indian domain investors and Paypal account holders.

Fraud brahmin R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar only does housework,yet getting a salary

In a classic example of brahmin atrocities, cheating, exploitation, the fraud bengaluru shivalli brahmin housewife R&AW employee bbm nayanshree hathwar only does housework, does not use the internet, have a Paypal account, own domain names including this domain name, yet she is getting a R&AW salary because her powerful fraud friends and relatives puneet, kodancha, hathwar working in ntro, R&AW, cbi are expert BLACKMAILERS, LIARS, AND FRAUDS,
the conman ntro employee puneet, cunning stole the resume of his btech 1993 EE classmate, a obc single woman engineer for the mediocre lazy greedy brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, to get her a lucrative R&AW job at the expense of his classmate who he hated.
Now though the website carries the news of brahmin fraud R&AW employee nayanshree’s and other fraud R&AW/CBI employee’s cheating, the shameless fraud ntro,cbi, R&AW officials will continue to falsely claim that these frauds own the paypal account linked to websites where the news of sex bribes, section 420 fraud of these CBI/R&AW employees is being published.

When brahmin fraud nayanshree is only doing housework, why is R&AW wasting indian tax payer money on her and other 8-9 lazy greedy frauds paying them a salary only for making fake claims of owning domain names, associated Paypal account

Watching My Football Team on DirecTV

I had never had satellite TV before, so I was not sure how good it was compared to cable, which is something I have had most of my life. When I was at a friend’s house watching a football game, I was impressed for a couple of reasons. The first is that we could even watch the game that we were watching, and the second was the reception we were getting. He told me I should check out the different DirecTV packages that are available for new customers, because I would be able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket for free with most of the packages if I signed up for a certain period of time.< I was going to go ahead and check it out. While it is fun watching the games with other fans, sometimes it is nice to just sit back and enjoy them at home too. Continue reading Watching My Football Team on DirecTV

Just Got Moved out to the Country

I just got moved in to this new place, it is out in the country and it is not in the best location for me to commute from, but the price was really low and I got this ridiculous deal on the place. I still have not gotten moved completely in. I am messing with the internet people right now and looking for information about getting the best deal on a Direct TV satellite system. It is not like I was in love with my old cable company, so this is not that hard of a decision. You can not really get much of a deal on cable out in this area. In fact I am out past the pig farmers and that sort of thing in a very rural area. So getting a dish and hook it up is the best deal that I can come up with right now. Continue reading Just Got Moved out to the Country

Duster cloth

In metro cities, it is relatively simple to find a supplier of a duster at a reasonable cost, as there are many vendors selling on the footpath and at traffic signals.
In small towns the number of sellers for many products remains largely limited and it is difficult to find quality and affordable suppliers.
A duster for wiping the surface of computer and other surfaces was available at a discounted price of Rs 13 (normal price Rs 18) each at a state handloom store. The size of the duster was 51 cm X 56 cm.

The user would have preferred a smaller duster with soft fabric for cleaning, however the small size was not available