Painter required urgently

Painter required urgently for painting the following
1.House gate, double, swing type 1.1 m X 1 m
2. Window grills (multiple windows approx, 1 m X 1 m)
3. Metal door grill (1.95 m X 1.1 m)
The rust has to be removed from the grill, and it has to be repainted.
Painting supplies like paint, brush (if required) will be provided
Please quote hourly rate and time taken to complete the work to

More details at Handy Capable solutions

Wall clock with hourly alarm wanted

Looking for a supplier or manufacturer of a low cost wall clock with hourly alarm , which can be switched on or off as required. The hourly alarm will indicate the time at night, when the person will be woken up from sleep, and would like to know whether it is time to get up.
Please send specification, prices and other terms and conditions

Euro Pillow top mattresses

Euro Pillow top mattresses from springtek has the following features ( from product brochure)
Thickness 8 inch to 16 inch
Top pocketed mattress
Comfort coils – zero disturbance sleep, individual pocket spring system
Multiple luxurious comfort layer options like natural latex, high resilience foam and memory foam adaptable to temperature
Designed to be cleaned without flipping
Edges for sitting firm
Bacteria and dustmite resistant
Offers back support
Four vent air circulation
Knitted upholstery for long life
Treated to prevent mould stains, algae infestation, odour
Single side design
Upto 20 years warranty

Most of the other mattresses from Springtek have similar features, with some variation, This information is only provided for reference.
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