Goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN government employeee sunaina’s fraud lovers have duplicate keys

In St inez Goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN government employeee sunaina’s fraud lovers breakin to house in St Inez, panaji, on 22 March 2016 to misplace cheque as they have duplicate keys and are working in intelligence agencies.
these fraud sex bribe taking government employees in st inez, panaji, allegedly bribed by google, tata and getting regular sex bribes from
Goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN government employeee sunaina like to falsely claim that their darling obc bhandari mistress jeans clad sunaina owns domain names, works online, when she does not do any work online at all and does not own a single domain name.

Now these fraud government employees are breaking into a house of the obc engineer, who Goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN government employeee sunaina is impersonating, to misplace and steal things, misusing the duplicate keys which they have. Why are government employees allowed to misuse their powers to harass indian citizens so that they can enjoy free sex with lazy greedy frauds like sunaina

Goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN government employeee sunaina’s fraud lovers breakin to house in St inez to misplace cheque

In an indication of how much indian tax payer money government employees are wasting to spread false rumors that the lazy greedy Goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN government employeee sunaina’ is domain investor, paypal account holder to justify the wastage of money on goan slut sunaina, paying her a salary for having SEX, it was noticed that on 22 March 2016,the fraud government having SEX with sunaina, sent their person to a house of the obc engineer in St,inez, Panaji, and intentionally misplaced the webhosting cheque, so that she would not get it when she went to the bank
It is typical strategy of powerful fraud officials gettting sex bribes from Goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN government employeee sunaina’s fraud lovers to waste the time of the obc engineer and try to defame her as a forgetful person so that OBC bhandari fraud sunaina would get a salary for having SEX
These sex starved fraud lovers of goan slut sunaina who are working in intelligence and security agency, misplaced the hosting cheque, after breaking into the house, using the duplicate keys which intelligence agencies have, trying to ruin the reputation of the obc engineer, so that she would be labelled as forgetful.

Help for travelers

Most people are familiar with the area where they are living for a long period of time, however they are at a distinct disadvantage when they travel to a new city or place, especially when they are alone. It remains difficult to predict what kind of people they will meet, as it remains difficult to trust anyone with whom he or she has interacted with only for a short period of time.
With advances in technology and hitech torture weapons being widely used, a person can fall sick while traveling due to factors beyond his or her control. There are some methods of tips for travelers to avoid problems when then travel. More details at Travelers Help, advice for people who travel to a new place or on work.

Criminal officials force female domain investor to move at home to avoid torture

The cruel criminal officials posted in panaji, goa are ruthless in stalking and torturing a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor daily. These cruel animal like government employees will repeatedly torture the harmless indian citizen to cause great pain, financial losses and murder her slowly out of personal hatred and greed.
So to reduce damage to her body, the engineer, will have to keep moving cannot sit in one place due to the criminal government employees who allegedly bribed by google, tata for their corporate goals. She has to keep changing the position of her chair and table in a home to avoid the cruel criminal government employees who are using the hitech torture weapons, the indian version of the raytheon pain gun on her repeatedly to cause pain

Why is so much indian tax payer money wasted to stalk, torture a harmless single woman engineer, deny her fundamental right to privacy, to earn a living

Information on hitech torture weapons used by security,intelligence agencies in panaji, goa

A harmless single woman engineer, domain investor is being ruthlessly tortured by some criminal security and intelligence agency officials in panaji, goa using the indian version of the Raytheon pain gun or active denial system, to cause great pain. The engineer wants details of the weapons being used, specifications including the frequency of the torture weapons so that legal action can be taken to end the daily human rights abuses of a harmless indian citizen. Compensation will be provided for the information, send details to nkinf@hotmail.com.

Wooden chair dumped in garden

In goa, the all powerful intelligence and security agency officials are never tired of stalking and harassing the harmless single woman obc engineer, who they do not have the courage or honesty to face directly. On 12 February 2016, in the garden , the obc domain investor found a partly damaged brown chair dumped by unknown persons, which was not present on 11 February 2016 . It is unlikely that the chair was accidently dumped because the area is almost completely covered by trees. It appears that someone had taken the trouble of taking the broken chair into the garden and hiding it.
A chair is fairly expensive, why did the person dump it in the garden of a stranger, instead of using it, repairing it or selling it for scrap

Cunning fraud officials falsely claim that housewives, cheaters are domain investors

In one of the greatest cheating frauds in the indian internet sector, ntro officials are falsely claiming that housewives, sex bribe givers and cheaters are domain investors to give them great powers, lucrative raw/cbi jobs , ruthlessly defaming and exploiting the real domain investor. The news of the sex bribe givers and cheaters has been described in detail elsewhere, it is time top ntro officials stop falsely claiming that the expensive domain names belong to housewives who have actually not invested a single rupee in domain names or use the internet extensively.

The housewives like shivalli brahmin cheater bbm nayanshree hathwar, veena, goan gsb fraud riddhi nayak,semi literate naina are looking after their homes and families, what is legally valid reason why powerful ntro officials are falsely claiming that these housewives own the domain names of a harmless single woman engineer these housewives, sex bribe givers and cheaters hate. The domain names are expensive and the single woman engineer is spending a lot of time and money in registering and renewing the domain names, which she could spend elsewhere like looking after her house or enjoying herself.

Though well educated, the ntro officials are behaving extremely irrationally, dishonestly when they falsely claim that their girlfriends, relatives own the domain names of their btech 1993 EE classmate who they hate. The domain names are like any other asset, why are indian intelligence agencies behaving so dishonestly and cheaply in defaming the real domain investor, wasting indian tax payer money to spread false rumors that housewives, sex bribe queens and cheaters own the domain names.

Confusing housekeeping and domain investing

NTRO, RAW, CBI officials are confusing housekeeping with domain investing. If a woman is a good housekeeper and housewife, these officials think that she will automatically own the domain names of a harmless single woman engineer who she has cheated or hated. These officials show their lack of professionalism, honesty when they falsely claim that their housewife girlfriends are domain investors to get these frauds important and lucrative RAW/CBI jobs with fake resumes.
They fail to appreciate the fact that the real domain investor has spent a lot of time and money to purchase and renew the domain names, and can sell the domain names to other domain investors at the market price.
Why should the real domain investor tolerate the slander, defamation and exploitation of powerful officials who falsely claim that their relatives and friends own the expensive domains of the harmless single woman engineer.

Changing routine, homes to avoid torture

For harmless civilians in India being ruthlessly tortured using the indian version of the Raytheon pain gun Silent Guardian Protection System at present the only way to escape being tortured will be to change homes or the routine. When the officials who are involved in the torture find that their victim is not at the expected place, they will not activate the weapons to focus on an empty room or house.
They will get tired of waiting for their target to appear in the room and do some other work. So though the change in routine, will adversely affect the productivity, the harassment victim has no other option to escape the torture of powerful cruel officials who cannot be traced, allowed to use hitech weapons to torture whoever they feel like.

Pain gun location in house selected carefully

The harmless single woman obc engineer has no personal enemies and has not harmed anyone at all. However the cruel criminal greedy intelligence and security agencies who want to steal her hard earned money for their lazy greedy friends and relatives are extremely vicious and cruel in causing pain to her.
These cruel criminal fraud officials are falsely claiming that national security matters are involved to justify the wastage of indian tax payer money for more than 5 years to sexually harass, cheat, exploit and torture a harmless civilian trying to make some money to cover expenses.
These animal like officials are extremely sadistic in selecting the location of the the indian version of the Raytheon pain gun Silent Guardian Protection System to cause the maximum amount of pain

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Canning and preserving food

Compared to other countries a large part of the fresh agro produce, vegetables like brinjals, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, fruits like bananas, papayas, oranges, chikoos, seafood like fish, crabs are wasted due to poor food processing systems and lack of storage facilities which require refrigeration. Firms and individuals providing information, technology, expertise, supplying equipment on how to preserve and can food can send their details for a free listing at canning and preserving. Specifically interested in suppliers of aloe vera processing equipment

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could just go about the business of doing business without having to worry about documentation, receipts, invoices, bills taxes and other accounting chores? I was spending too much time reading manuals and entering data. It was taking away from actually doing business. Every minute I spend working with accounting software or reading about taxes takes away time I can actually spend with clients and doing the actual work I do that earns the money in the first place. This is why I do my accounting and tax in Singapore through a firm that handles it for me.

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