A Lot of Thought Went into Planning the New Futura Condos in Singapore

The New Futura condos in Singapore are two towers. Both the north and south towers are connected with a Linkway. Both towers have three levels where there are natural areas. These levels are like walking in a local park would be like at ground level except for they are in a building and up in the sky. This method of bringing outdoor open spaces to urban buildings is not new, but Singapore seems to have really taken the lead in it. You can see what the towers look like at thenewfuturacondo.com.sg.

The shapes of the two towers have curled up edges making them look like glowing golden lanterns at night.


It is actually a pleasing aesthetic for buildings instead of the more harsh look of your common squarish skyscrapers. The design of this condo project is all about pleasing the tenants and their physical senses from sight to bodily comfort. When you do not have all the square footage on the ground that you need to build big parks and natural areas, you put them inside the building itself. If you look at artist drawings of the New Futura condo project, you will see the floor levels with the natural areas. They have very high ceiling heights to accommodate all the trees and landscaping plants and to let the sunshine in.


Somebody really sat down and made a list of all the creature comforts a tenant of a condominium project would desire, and then they incorporated those comforts into the construction of the New Futura condos in Singapore. The units are selling out and certain floor plans are actually sold out. If you want to get a place here, you probably should move fast to get your application for a new condo in Singapore in as fast as possible whether you are investing or planning to move here.