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A Guide to Cruise Insurance

No one wants to be the one looking for travel insurance as it is requires a lot of work. Be aware that policy plans vary greatly – so each individual has to determine which plan best covers your needs.

Cruise lines offer their own travel insurance, however it is NOT the best option, and prices are far more than finding insurance on your own. Another aspect is that the travel insurance policies offered by cruise lines are generally not the primary ones. Most of the times there is an issue that requires compensation, cruise lines often give credits instead of money.

Indepth research requires to be conducted before selecting a travel insurance company that one will take a cruise Insurance with as they all come in different costs and cover various aspects. Only purchase what you need, and beware of add-ons that do not benefit you, and only add to the policy cost.

Let’s be clear about a primary policy vs. a secondary policy. The particular travel insurance policy you purchase is the primary, and a policy purchase through the cruise line directly, along with the airlines, and your homeowners policy is a secondary policy. The big different in payment is the primary policy will pay quickly, and to you directly. on the other hand, a secondary policy usually involves long processes when it comes to payment.

This article further outlines various insurance policies for those who love cruising.

Trip Delay – Interruption or Cancellation of your cruise due to a major storm. This is a basic policy that covers bad weather causing either a missed flight, time on your cruise, overnight stay in another city, and meals. Note that each policy has a time frame for the delay, along with different caps for payment. Make sure your policy covers non-refundable shore excursions and tours in the event you miss a port of call.

You Cancel Your Trip – There are exclusions to this kind of policy, however there are reasons travelers have to cancel a trip. In this policy, if one had paid for a part of the trip, it is paid.

The third policy is emergency medical evacuation which is very important if either them or their companion has a medical condition that may require evacuation back to their home states for medical attention. The cost of being evacuating by air is extremely expensive – and the expense must be covered by the individual or family. Various factors influence the cost of this said policy such as how accessible medical attention may be in that place and how far the place is.

Norovirus Coverage – We’ve all heard about cruise passengers getting sick from Norovirus – a shipboard related illness.

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