Instead of reservations for girls at IIts, indian government should stop NTRO bathroom ogling

The indian government is trying to increase the number of girls in IITs from 8 %, by offering reservations of 14% for girls. However this method is not likely to change things as long as ntro employees like j srinivasan, hathwar, kodancha are allowed to waste unlimited indian tax payer money for bathroom ogling of their female btech classmate, who they hate , for more than 7 years, since April 2010 after making fake allegations without any proof at all.
The NTRO bathroom ogling tapes of female engineers are being circulated all over india, and in foreign countries also and the harmless single woman engineer is being subjected to bathroom ogling by indian government employees only because she studied in a top indian engineering college. The NTRO bathroom ogling has continued across different states of India, different houses as the most hitech equipment is used for ogling at harmless woman engineers in the bathroom falsely claiming that national security matters are at stake
It very careless and insensitive of the ntro, cbi, security agency employees to put a harmless single woman engineer under surveillance and circulate her footage worldwide, without her permission. A large number of people in India are aware of the fact that ntro, security agency employees are involved in bathroom ogling of harmless single women engineers and are horrified at the callous manner with which the single woman is being treated .
Naturally they do not want their daughters or relatives to be subjected to a similar humiliating trauma of having ntro bathroom ogling circulated worldwide, so relatively few girls are joining IITs. With NTRO employees too busy ogling at the bathroom of their female btech classmates, naturally the Kashmir problem has worsened.