Sometimes You Need to Protect Your Child

If you had told me ten years ago I would be using something called a Snapchat hack to find out about my teenage daughter’s sex life, I would have thought you were crazy. Even a few years ago I would have thought it an odd idea. I was a teenager in the 1980s and of course we had nothing like the internet or dating apps or even cell phones. The only people who had the latter back then were millionaire stock brokers and maybe politicians. Our parents didn’t have to worry about our dating lives as much as we couldn’t hide them as easily.

With an app like Snapchat you can hide a lot, and of course you need a password to even get into the service to see what is going on. I decided to find out after I noticed my daughter hanging around some really shady characters. She even brought one of them home to meet my wife and I. We both thought he looked older than he said he was, and I thought maybe I could find out more about him through my daughter’s phone. But I needed a way to get into the Snapchat app.

I went online to see if there was some sort of hack I could download and use. I didn’t know much about the app so I read up about it online. I thought all the images were immediately erased or deleted, and they generally are but you can use a recovery tool to find them on certain devices. I also found a hack that claims to work on any Snapchat account. I employed the use of the hack and recovery tool and it was an eye opener. The guy is twenty four years old and my daughter is sixteen. Needless to say we’re bringing the police into the matter. Thank the stars for this hacking tool!

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