Due to NTRO hacking lot of time wasted, domain investor does not have time for housekeeping

Google, tata, ntro employees are quick to criticize the a domain investor for not keeping her house very clean, they conveniently forget the huge amount of time they are wasting daily of the domain investor, blocking internet access using the Dlink modem with a BSNL sim. For example on 11 June 2017, internet connectivity was very poor during the day and early morning. In the afternoon, the domain investor wanted to check emails for any message and found that she had to waste 17 minutes just to connect to the internet.
The internet connection is also very slow , wasting more time.
It can be easily proved that the google, tata sponsored fraud housewives, goan sex workers and other cheater R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees do not spend any time or money online, so they have plenty of time to look after their house, keep it very clean.