My Mom Really Needed a Website

My mom is a successful business woman, but she can be frustrating because she is not keen on modern technology. She was still hand writing contracts and receipts for customers, even though several of them had asked for a typed contract for their own records. I knew that I was going to have a hard time getting her to agree to hire a company that does web design in Alpharetta, but there was just no getting away from that conversation with her. I knew that if her business was going to continue to thrive, this was a necessary step.

I was surprised when she did not put up a fight! She told me that she knew she needed to enhance technology rather than fight it, and she told me to go ahead and talk to a design team about putting together a website for her. I knew that we needed to have more than just a great website. We also needed to have a company that has SEO experience to be the one that designs it for us. Without great SEO, there is really no need to have a good website because not very many people will end up seeing it.

I was able to find a local company that has a good bit of experience in both designing websites as well as search engine optimization, and the price they quoted us to create a website for Mom’s company was actually lower than I thought it would be. I guess I thought it would take them longer to put together a nice package for us, but it didn’t. The support we have received from them since, especially in helping Mom with a few of the more complicated web issues she encountered, went a long way in showing what kind of company they are to us both. It’s great to finally have Mom caught up with the rest of the world now too!