I Learned How to Ski Last Winter!

I had never put a pair of skis on in my life before last winter. Some people find that hard to believe because my husband is an avid skier, and our three children all love to ski too. I was always the one organizing the ski trips but never the one partaking in the actual ski portion of it. That changed though when we went to Niseko for holiday last year. I decided I had enough of staying in the background, and I inquired about the ski school in Niseko.

I was not sure if I was even qualified to be taught for two reasons. First, I am not a young lass by any stretch of the imagination. I am in my 40s, so I am not nearly as flexible as I used to be. Also, I was not sure if the fact that I had never put on a pair of skis before would make it so I was ineligible to have any lessons there. For all I knew, they only helped younger people who had at least a minimal amount of experience of being on skis.

Thankfully, I was wrong on both accounts. The ski school there caters to people of all ages and all experience levels. I did not tell my husband or kids I was doing this, as I wanted to surprise them. What surprised me was how much fun I had on the skis, and also how quickly I took to it. I thought I would be on the bunny slopes for the entire trip, but that was not the case at all. After just a few hours of lessons, I was feeling confident enough to try some of the smaller ski slopes. When my family saw me, they could not stop smiling. I couldn’t either, and we all look forward to ski trips together now!