My Online Sales Are Now My Main Source of Income

I knew that I needed to find a company that does digital marketing in Concord CA because I was missing out on a lot of potential business by ignoring some of the more mainstream marketing tactics used today. I was still using direct mail, which is great for the local consumers, but I was missing out on an entire demographic area by doing this. I have a great website, and I have the more popular social media sites, but I knew that I was not using either one to their fullest potential.

That is why I needed to contact a company that is up with all of the more modern and technological marketing strategies. It is funny because the people I was turning to were not even born yet when I started my business. However, that is the reason that I knew this move was going to work for me too because this was the only world that these young professionals knew. I wanted to use their expertise in digital marketing to expand my business into what I knew it could be. I just had to find the right company to help me with that first.

I was really excited when I found Cornerstone Creative. Their website speaks for itself, and I knew that I wanted the people who had designed and marketed their site to help me with my own. I didn’t know a thing about email marketing or how to use my social media for marketing purposes either, and that is where this company stepped in to help me. My walk in customers have always been my bread and butter, but my online sales are now where all of the action is. I could not have found this success without the great marketing input from Cornerstone Creative and its staff!

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