Our Son Asked for Help This Time

When my son was in high school, he was a model student. He was on the track team, lettered in football, was in the Honor Roll Society, and he just had a really bright future ahead of him. The summer before college, he got involved with the wrong crowd, which took us down a very hard road with his drug addiction that was the result of his new friendships. He came to me about a month ago, asking if we could find a non 12 step treatment center to help him.

He knew that he had a problem, and he also knew that he could not conquer his demons on his own. We had tried to help him do that a few times ourselves, but it just seemed to turn him back even harder to the drugs each time. I knew that this time was different because he is the one who came to us and asked us for help. It was always us doing the asking before, and this gave us encouragement. That he wanted to do it in a professional setting really meant we had turned a road somewhere too.

Though we were on a new path, it did not mean that we were out of the woods yet. We had to find a good rehab center that did not practice the traditional 12 step recovery program, because that had failed him once already. When I started researching Alo House, I felt very comfortable that this could be the one for him. They realize that the 12 step program does work for some people, but they also know that it does not work for everyone. Our son is there right now, and we really do feel he has this addiction beat. We are so proud of him, and we cannot say enough good things about the wonderful people helping him. His future looks bright once again!

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