Dust free tile removal in Phoenix

Tiles are an integral part of the flooring in almost every home, however there are many instances when the tiles may have to be removed. In some cases, when quality tiles are not used in a home, they may get damaged when a heavy object will fall on them or due to rough use or due to a natural calamity. It is particularly important to replace the damaged tiles in the home if the tiles are on the floor of a room on the ground floor, because insects, pests, dirt and ground water can enter the home through the gaps in the tiles. Over a period of time, the cement used for the tiles may get worn out and there may be small gaps in the tiles which cannot be easily detected or corrected, which can be hazardous damaging the equipment, furniture, appliances in the room.

dust free tile removal Phoenix

Hence it is advisable to remove the tiles at the earliest, when any kind of problem in the tiles is detected . Many home owners in Phoenix Arizona and elsewhere are postponing tile removal from their homes, though the tiles have been damaged, because the process is usually very time consuming, messy and expensive. A huge amount of dust is generated when any kind of tile is removed in a home, and the home owner or those residing in the home, usually have to relocate for some time till the tiles are completed removed and new tiles are installed. The family residing in the home will usually have to book a hotel room or find similar temporary accomodation till the tile removal process is complete.

However advances in technology have made dust free tile removal Phoenix possible using the latest diamond tipped grinders and tools quickly so that those residing in the home do not have to relocate and disturb their daily routine due to the tile removal. Since tiles are usually installed to last for several decades, removal of the times using conventional methods can be a very messy and time consuming process, and a large volume of silicon dust is generated which will coat other items in the room and house like the furniture, appliance, home furnishing , heating and ventilation system ( if it is not properly closed) . Removing this silicon dust deposits manually can be a very laborious task, and all the silicon dust may not be removed.


Dust removal companies like Dust B Gone tile removal are now using High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters to ensure that the tile removal process is dust less. To meet the united states government HEPA criteria , the filter should remove 99.97% of the particles of size 0.3 micron, so even very small dust particles are removed using the HEPA filter equipment used by Dust B Gone. The suction rate of the HEPA filter equipment is between 300 to 600 cubic feet, so that all the dust particles are trapped by the equipment immediately after tile removal, ensuring that the silicon dust particles do not get released into the air where they can cause a lot of pollution and health problems.

Dust B Gone tile removal is able to remove floor tiles of different materials like porcelain, ceramic,slate, travertine and other natural stones which may be fitted on the cement floor without generating any kind of dust, as they have the latest equipment and technology for tile removal. They also ensure that the floor surface is prepared so that any new tiles or flooring material can be easily installed. In case the room or the house has some dust sensitive equipment installed like computers or electronics whose performance may be affected due to accumulation of dust, the tile removal firm will also ensure that it is properly covered or draped with suitable material, so that no dust particles reach the sensitive portions.

Due to environmental concerns, more local governments have made guidelines for disposal of dust, thinset and other unwanted construction material like the tiles which have been removed. The tile removal debris should be disposed off only in select areas of the city or town to reduce pollution. The tile removal firm will not only clean up the room or home or area where the tiles have been removed, they will also ensure that the debris is removed to the designated disposal area, saving the home owner time and money finding and reaching the construction debris area. If there any kind of irregularities on the surface of the floor after the tiles have been removed, the diamond tipped grinding tools will quickly smoothen the surface.

dust free tile removal Phoenix

Manual tile removal can be a laborious and time consuming task, so the most hitech diamond tipped grinding tools with the toughest tips are being used to remove the tiles in the quickest time. For dust free tile removal Phoenix , Dust B Gone is one of the two firms in the city offering these services and they take great pride in ensuring that tiles are removed in the shortest possible time without any dust or debris. The silicon dust which is usually generated during tile removal can be hazardous to the health of those residing in the home causing health problems like asmtha flareups, lung cancer or silicosis (which affects the lung tissue). Hence using the latest dust free tile removal technology can benefit the health and home of the family living in ahome.