Gas stove not designed to handle leakage

A large majority of people continue to use LPG for cooking food at home, however it is extremely dangerous at times, when there is a gas leakage. A slow gas leakage took place without being detected, and the glass in the stove started heating and breaking up. The person using the gas stove did not realize the problem initially, Later when he started using the gas, a huge flame started coming out forcing him to close the gas cylinder completely
After checking the pipe he found that it was cut.
While some are claiming that cockroaches may have eaten the rubber LPG pipe, it also may be a case of intentional sabotage. It also highlights the fact that when the house is empty for a long time, anyone can enter the house and create problems.
The design of gas stove should be also improved so that it does not contain glass, because broken glass is extremely hazardous and can cause cuts. Glass was probably used as an insulator , yet when heated, the glass is gradually breaking into pieces
For induction cookers, flat bottomed cooking vessels are required, which are not easily available. There is no gas leakage indicator with the stove which could be a safety factor.