Avoiding Sick Building Problems in Major Cities

Large commercial buildings have air handling systems that can make the difference between your building being habitable or inhabitable in any season. Have you ever heard of “sick buildings?” It is not about the building being sick. It is about air quality being so bad that people get ill depending on how sensitive they are to poor circulation, particulates and other things in the air. When we were buying an office building, one of the first things I did was call an expert in HVAC services in NYC to come out and inspect the entire air handling system in our building from top to bottom.

I used to have asthma so bad that I was on six medications. Now I do not have to even carry a rescue inhaler with me when I go out. I have had a few good years of just having some sneezing and minor congestion at times. Working in healthy buildings is a big part of that. So, now that I am responsible for the health and safety of other workers, I take it rather seriously. Some people can do okay no matter how bad the air is in a building. Most people get some sort of symptoms. I used to gag, cough and get all choked up just from a little dust falling from a suspended ceiling.

Also, off-gassing of building materials and office furniture can raise levels of formaldehyde and all kinds of volatile organic compounds present in the air. Your HVAC system needs to be working perfectly to give fresh air to all living things breathing in your building. I am serious about processing air and filtering it to make it as healthy as possible when it comes through the vents. I am willing to put out the expense of getting our building a healthy rating that exceeds the minimum code standards. All building owners should be like that.