Radium pressure testing equipment

Radium was used extensively for some domestic and commercial applications before the hazards associated with it were known and hence today radon pressure testing is required to determine the levels of radon in the soil, water and air, so that suitable action can be taken to reduce the concentration of the gas to levels which are acceptable to healthcare specialists worldwide. Radium is a radioactive metal which slowly decays over a period of time , producing the gas radon. In some places, radon has been tracked as the second largest cause of lung cancer, hence it has become mandatory to ensure that the radon levels are checked and comply to the regulatory requirements before an area can be used for residential purposes.

In some countries, the metal radium was used for making paint and other commercial applications before the risk involved in using radium were published and know to medical professionals and other citizens. Over a period of time, many old buildings and structures where radium may have been used are demolished and the property owner may want to build a new home, apartment complex or commercial building. The radium may be slowly decaying to generate radon gas, which will contaminate the soil, water and air. Since constructing any structure can be expensive, it is advisable to check the levels of radon using the latest equipment available like vapor intrusion testing before taking any decision on the construction of the building or structure. All these features of the latest vapor intrusion testing equipment which is widely used by pollution control experts, environmental experts, have reduced the expenses involved in measuring radon levels to a very great extent, making the process simpler and cheaper for businesses of all sizes.