How water leakage can make a home unliveable

In the coastal areas of India, there is a lot of rainfall, and if no waterproofing is done there is a lot seepage of water in the house. Though there is no hole in the roof, water will start seeping slowly and all the walls of the house will become damp. Water may start dripping from the rooms of the top floor, making the staircase wet and increasing the possibility of an accident.
The moisture will also affect the doors and it will be difficult to open and close the door. In some case, the door may also disintegrate due to heavy rains. If the walls of the house are completely wet, it can also affect the wiring of the house causing a short circuit, as water is a good conductor of electricity. The problem is particularly severe for homes with concealed wiring, where the home owner cannot easily locate where the short circuit is taking place.

The MCB installed will trip due to the short circuit caused by water leakage, large areas and sections of the house will remain without electricity for a long period of time, till the water will dry, making it difficult to live in the house.