Philadelphia epoxy flooring

Professionals, home owners, builders and business owners searching for Philadelphia epoxy flooring find that most of the suppliers and installers locally available are extremely expensive, do not offer good customer service and the epoxy flooring is of relatively poor quality. For many commercial establishments like showrooms, garages, auto shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, the kind of flooring used contributes to the appearance of the room or area. Most conventional flooring can get damaged quickly in high traffic areas and replacing the flooring can be time consuming and expensive as the showroom will have to remain closed during the repair or renovation

So increasingly, builders and interior designers are opting for epoxy flooring for commercial and residential establishments, after estimating the kind of wear and tear the area is likely to be subjected to. In showrooms, hotels, and other commercial areas, there are a large number of people walking in and out with different types of footwear, which can cause scratches and damage the floor. In commercial kitchens, food processing, laboratories, basements, heavy equipment is likely to be used for transporting material, and these areas will get dirty quickly. Also trollies, vehicles may be used, which can damage most floors, hence epoxy flooring is preferred as it is durable and enhances the area.

Before selecting a firm for epoxy flooring, it is advisable to get a quote from multiple suppliers of epoxy coating. The better firms will often offer a free onsite consultation, after checking the area where the epoxy flooring is to be installed, making recommendations based on their experience and expertise in installing coating. The firm selected should use 100% original epoxy flooring for optimal quality and ensure that the flooring will be installed as per their defined procedural norms, with the better firms have a six step installation process. Other factors to be considered while selecting epoxy flooring are the experience, overheads and quality of the installation work and product.