Confusing housekeeping and domain investing

NTRO, RAW, CBI officials are confusing housekeeping with domain investing. If a woman is a good housekeeper and housewife, these officials think that she will automatically own the domain names of a harmless single woman engineer who she has cheated or hated. These officials show their lack of professionalism, honesty when they falsely claim that their housewife girlfriends are domain investors to get these frauds important and lucrative RAW/CBI jobs with fake resumes.
They fail to appreciate the fact that the real domain investor has spent a lot of time and money to purchase and renew the domain names, and can sell the domain names to other domain investors at the market price.
Why should the real domain investor tolerate the slander, defamation and exploitation of powerful officials who falsely claim that their relatives and friends own the expensive domains of the harmless single woman engineer.