She Wants a Limo Bus

When my sister asked me if I would look into different limos for her upcoming wedding, I was happy to do it. She has so many other things she is trying to organize for the wedding, things which only she can take care of, so I was happy to offer my assistance. I wanted to view the fleet of several companies to make sure that I gave her only the best limo from the best priced company of the different ones in the area. I thought it would take a while, but it actually didn’t.

As soon as I looked at one website, I was impressed and knew that I would not need to look any further. I already knew prices a good bit since I have booked limos for my boss before. The only difference is that he always wanted the same kind of limo, so I never got to look at the fleet of vehicles to see just how many different options there actually are. I knew she wanted to have the entire bridal party in the limo with them, so I could either choose a large stretch limo for her, or I could choose the more comfortable bus option.

I have seen limo buses as they pass me on the freeway, but I had never seen the inside of one until I started looking for my sister. I was so impressed with what I saw, and I knew she would be too. I had always imagined them to be like regular buses, with the bench seats all facing one direction. I imagined the seats were nicer, but that was about it. I could not have been more wrong! The seating is exquisite, and there is even a bar. I showed her the limo bus, and she decided on the spot that she wanted it.