Gas cylinder delivery problem

Customers who order a gas cylinder from the public sector gas suppliers are facing a problem as the date of the delivery is not specified. If there is no one at home, all other activities have to be cancelled to get the gas cylinder delivered. In Goa, a senior citizen had placed an order for a gas cylinder refill on 30 January 2016. No indication was provided on the date and time the gas cylinder would be delivered,
As he had to go to his office, he could not wait indefinitely. The gas service people said that an attempt to make the gas delivery was made on 4th February and he would have to rebook the cylinder again. On 9th february the gas cylinder was rebooked, and the gas service people said that the cylinder would be delivered on 11th february 2016, so a relative was told to remain at home, postponing all work.
However on 11 February 2016, again the gas cylinder has not been delivered as promised and the staff at the gas agency are saying that the delivery van had gone to caranzalem,the gas cylinder will be delivered now on monday 15 february 2016. Now again the time of the gas cylinder customer will be wasted as he has to wait for the gas cylinder delivery.
Like the courier companies, the gas cylinder company should specify the time when they will deliver to prevent wastage of people’s time, forcing them to change their plans.