High rates for one time cleaning of homes

Often people do not stay at a house for a long time, they will visit the house once in a month or a few months . In this case, most of the house will be covered with dust and cleaning the house will be time consuming. However getting help for cleaning the house can be difficult and expensive.

Most of the contract workers will only come for the entire day or half a day at the minimum. If the maidservant working in the neighbours house will be asked to help, the rate they may quote could be extremely high. For example in January 2016, a maidservant in Mumbai was quoting a rate of Rs 300 per hour, and she said that there are other maidservants who are charging Rs 500 per hour

Allegedly due to bribes of google and tata, well educated domain investors, Paypal account holders who make a few tens of thousands of rupees in a month are labelled a security threat for more than 5 years without any proof at all,to block payment, torture the domain investors causing great pain, while uneducated maidservants are free to make any amount of money in cash – black money.

When will indian intelligence and security agencies be honest and stop wasting indian tax payer money to persecute, torture, cheat and exploit harmless indian domain investors and Paypal account holders.