Just Got Moved out to the Country

I just got moved in to this new place, it is out in the country and it is not in the best location for me to commute from, but the price was really low and I got this ridiculous deal on the place. I still have not gotten moved completely in. I am messing with the internet people right now and looking for information about getting the best deal on a Direct TV satellite system. It is not like I was in love with my old cable company, so this is not that hard of a decision. You can not really get much of a deal on cable out in this area. In fact I am out past the pig farmers and that sort of thing in a very rural area. So getting a dish and hook it up is the best deal that I can come up with right now. I figure that they will probably throw in the NFL Sunday ticket when I sign up and I just need to look about for the best deal that is out there.

This place is really pretty sweet in a lot of ways. I have an old farmer for a neighbor and this guy has about three really nice fishing lakes on his land. He owns all of the land on all sides of where I live, in fact this old guy is probably worth a couple of million even though he acts as normal as you would think. At any rate him and I have been spending a lot of time fishing on the pond that is closest to my place. I can walk there in around five minutes. It is a bit of a trek, because you have to cross this ravine, but there are a lot of pan fish in there.